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Extensive OEM-quality selection, expert support…

To keep your machinery purring, be sure to feed it the right OEM-specified replacement parts, 电线, 液体, 过滤器, and other consumables. bt365体育娱乐 has you covered with an extensive inventory of top-grade, competitively priced OEM parts and consumables for our 电火花, 激光, 折弯机, and milling machines—plus the dedicated support team to guide you to the ideal solutions for your equipment.

From retrofits and upgrades to OEM consumables, count on us for an extensive selection of parts and solutions to maximize your machine’s productivity for years to come. Learn more about our parts program support/availability.

Even with years of production under its belt, your machine has a lot left to give. Our retrofit and upgrade options will ensure top efficiency and enhance machine performance, 包括:

  • B and C axis ­— for rotation and indexing on 电火花
  • Advanced manual control box — for more functions and faster setup
  • USB emulator retrofit — the most reliable and configurable universal floppy disc drive emulator
  • Powergy clean power system — for optimal operation at max energy efficiency

Capture economies and the thrill of a good deal with our special inventory reductions and savings on consumables and parts.


   Part Number/Description   模型   列出的价格   销售价格
    3R6181 Macro Fingers-806 tool changers – NEW   所有品牌   $280.00   $75.00

Chucks not available for new Mitsubishi machine purchases.


  Part Number/Description 模型 列出的价格 销售价格
  90C Roller housing(使用) M647 $766.50 $196.50
  110C Cenamic Plate(使用) M759 $713.51 $140.00


See clearance prices and request limited-time pricing on various wire inventory.


We’re always here to help you simplify and help with returns. For full details on our return policy and complete instructions, click here.

To ensure returns sent to bt365体育娱乐 Systems are processed accurately, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Include a return authorization form along with returned goods so credit to your account can be processed. To obtain a return authorization form, contact us at 630-616-5900.
  • Carefully check over the return authorization form to make sure the returned goods reflect the items listed on the form provided by bt365体育娱乐. If variances exist, contact us at 630-616-5900.
  • Clearly state on the return authorization form the following:
    • Are the returned goods 使用 or 未使用的?
    • Why you are returning the part?
  • Clearly label the return address.
    85 Northwest Point Blvd.
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
  • For questions related to the processing of returned goods, call our customer service team at 630-616-5900.


Please use the return authorization form attached with the part you received and use the instructions below as a guideline for returning parts.

  • Please see Memo area on RA for contact name.
  • Please complete section A by marking each line item 使用 or 未使用的.
  • Please complete section B with an explanation of why the part is being returned.
  • Please sign and date section C.
  • The return authorization form must accompany a returned package, and the RA number must appear on the outside of all packages. If you fail to include this number, your shipment may not be accepted by our shipping department and may be returned.